“Faith: not just freedom from sin, but the freedom to do the extraordinary!”

I have always played it safe. Although I have made many steps of faith in my years of ministry, never have I made a LEAP where I didn’t see a glimpse of the other side. So, when I was challenged to step out once again for Romania with only the hope in my heart and a sure calling from God, I gained a new understanding of what it means to walk by faith. Seven months ago, with every penny I had, a one-way plane ticket and the blessings of Calvary Chapel Orange County, I jumped.

Armed with a calling and knowing the needs, I set out to glorify God by offering hope and wholeness to the orphaned young ladies of Romania by providing a home as they transition from state operated, institutionalized living to “normal” society. Much more than just keeping them off the streets, the hope is to provide a place of stability and consistency designed to encourage these young ladies to be well-rounded members of society and faithful to God. The Lord quickly provided ministry partners that are like-minded and already have an established home that ministers to eight young ladies. Regularly, there are requests to take in other young ladies; yet, they have no room to grow. It has been proven that such a ministry is best accomplished through family-style homes, creating more individual discipleship.

Prayerfully, Ioana will be the first to call this place home.

Prayerfully, Ioana will be the first to call this place home.

My heart is to come alongside this ministry to meet this need. I am blessed to say that I will be assisting with this urgent need for an additional home by taking girls into my home. It is very evident that God wants to reach these girls with love, care and His Gospel. To see how God is working from all of us involved in the ministry as well as the girls hoping for a place this summer, view this video. With your help, it will come to fruition and we know we can accomplish this as God moves in your heart to help physically and spiritually.

Because this was a leap, I didn’t follow the “prescribed” method of people-raising. Instead I am trusting that God will provide, not just for me, but also for the ladies that will stay with me. I am blessed to say that I have stretched my start out money until now and God has provided for me during this season of seeking. However, now I can’t do this thing without your partnership. I would like you to come alongside in prayer and pocket.

Shepherd’s Staff will be administrating my finances. All donations must include my account number of 4306. You can make a one-time gift or set up reoccurring donations on the website www.ssmfi.org. Also, you can send gifts by mail by printing this PDF form and mailing it to the address on the form.

Thank you so much for your consideration and, as always, I ask that you keep this mission in prayer as well as the orphans of Romania. Click here, if you would like me to add you to my monthly prayer and praise list. If you received this letter you will receive a quarterly newsletter keeping you informed although you can unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive it. For more information, you can go to www.soarromania.org or contacting me at sue@soarromania.org or 954-658-1340.

Grace & Peace,
Sue Volpe